MARINE NAVAL AVIATOR


                                          AIR AMERICA PILOT SOUTHEAST ASIA

                               "THE PROFESSIONAL CAREER OF MARIUS BURKE"

Major Marius Burke has been a United States Marine Corps Naval Aviator, an Air America Pilot and an Unsung Hero in American wars against the spread of Communism in the free world.  Marius Burke served as a helicopter pilot with the Marine Corps from 1958-1963. He then joined Air America and served as a helicopter and fixed wing pilot in Southeast Asia until 1975. Marius was present during the last hours of the Republic of South Vietnam. He instrumentally and heroically participated in both the evacuation of DaNang in March 1975 and then the evacuation of Saigon during April of 1975.

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1.  HISTORY OF AIR AMERICA-A brief resume of Aviation heroism.

2, THE DANANG EVACUATION- A Desperate Exodus to the South.

3.  SAIGON EVACUATION - Last Air America aircraft to depart Tan Son Nhut.

4. WORLD AIRWAYS- Captain Edward J Daly Rescue Mission from DaNang. 

5.  VIDEO- AIR AMERICA- Final Days In Vietnam during 1975.